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TEACHING Brand Awareness

Community Outreach

Using my own personal brand as a starting point, I started implementing tiling & poetry as a way to tell my story. I decided to abandon the old form of posting indiscriminately This unique storytelling technique opened the door to cementing a personal narrative over time using intentional imagery and copy, validated by user interface and irrefutable time stamp native to the Instagram software.

I started working with other brands and businesses; providing photography services as well, to help build a consistent look for their pages. One that would demonstrate an air of professionalism and intention 

I have also collaborated with brands who have their own artwork already created or curated, but in a more consulting position. One where I give guidance on palleting, tiling and how to turn their timeline into a living and interactive work of art. One that would engage customers instantly and engage them for longer. 

With other brands, I have provided filming and editing services to help funnel their already built brand narratives and aesthetics into reels that adequately represent the quality that their businesses strive for.  

I primarily consult, but with some companies who have been able to keep me on retainer for extended periods of time, I have provided content creation, post scheduling, calendar mapping, syncing across company websites and all platforms and traveling with the team for extended periods of time. 

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