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    I am a filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Communications at Andrews University and my Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Film Production at Full Sail University.
   I have been captured by storytelling my entire life, beginning my arts career on the theatre stage at the age of 5. From there my interest for visual storytelling began. Many years later I found my way from acting to behind the camera where I met my true love for filmmaking. The art of taking a story from the page to screen by weaving together sound, light and performance to convey emotion is what I think is the ‘superior art form second to music alone’.

   As the Director of Photography for several projects, I enjoy designing the look of films from the page to the screen. I have developed skills in various camera and lighting techniques, but more importantly leadership and teamwork, managing crews of 50+ people to achieve the director’s vision. Although I consider cinematography my calling, I frequently switch hats and enjoy writing, directing and shooting several of my own projects, including short films, sketches, promotional content and music videos.
  As passionate as I am for cinematography, I believe in one thing...  “A cool camera trick or a beautiful lighting setup is wonderful, but if it doesn’t mean anything, then what’s the point? A good message will find its way through the dark on a cellphone

       ...Story over everything.

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