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Inspired by the Japanese "Yamatoe-style" of painting, here is a piece that I'm still working on, that I started using a very unorthodox technique of tying strips of fabric to the end of a pole, dipping it in paint and slapping it against a dry canvas. The results were really interesting. It created this landscape of mountains and characters that couldn't have been created any other way. 
See if there is anything interesting that you can find. 

This was my first introspective piece. I've been on a journey of self discovery and expression. It was been full of new talents and insights that come with each but the one thing I keep bumping into is ego. I've read many books on the topic, listened to dozens of speakers discuss it, but I'm still struggling to quite grasp what exactly the ego is and where it lives in my own body in day to day life. My search continues...

This piece is entitled "What The Actual F*ck Is An Ego"

My second introspective piece in line with my blue phase of creation, is entitled... obviously... 'The Blues'. 
In truth I was in a very deep deep depressive state during this entire color chapter. Transitioning into adulthood was a very trying time full of growing pains and harsh life lessons. I was creating from a place of very still and simple beauty in order to try and cure my sadness. It, of course, didn't work. That's not how art works, but retrospectively I can appreciate that entire time period that much more as I get to look at it through this window.


I decided to truly unleash myself on to the canvas with this piece. 
I  entitled it "My Mind is a Mess".


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